Auditions for ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ by Edward Albee

Vambo Entertainment is set to direct the Dubai Drama Group  production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, which will be performed in Dubai on the weekends of 3-5 December and 10-12 December 2015.

The auditions will be held at ENOC Studio, DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates (directions: at the following times:
· Wednesday 23 September, 7pm-9pm
· Saturday 26 September 10am-12pm
Please be prepared to stay at DUCTAC for the duration of the audition process as you may be asked to read a few times in different groups.
Please also bring a photograph (passport-style or similar), with name and contact details written on the back, to the auditions.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is a dark comedy that portrays husband and wife George and Martha using their young guests, Nick and Honey, as an excuse to engage in a searing night of dangerous fun and games. It is a powerful play that relies on charged, intricate performances by all four characters and it delivers a stunning, almost unbearable revelation at its shocking climax.

Audition requirements
It is not necessary to prepare a monologue for the audition as you will be working in groups to read and perform short extracts from the play. With this in mind we suggest that you read a summary of the play and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the characters (see, e.g., so that you have an idea of who you are interested in playing and what their role is in the play.

Martha: the play describes Martha as a “large, boisterous woman, 52, looking somewhat younger.” She is a loud, vicious-tongued, domineering woman who is angry, frustrated and unfulfilled. She is the daughter of the dean of the University where George and Nick are Professors. Acting age: 40-55
George: George is 46 years old and an acknowledged failure. He works in the History Department at the University. He engages in a battle of the wits with both Martha and his guests and proves himself to be surprisingly strong, wise and insightful. Acting age: 46-55.

Nick: 30 years old, handsome, well-built and clever. He completed his Master’s Degree at 30 years old and is the newest recruit in the Biology Department at the University. Acting age: 25-35.

Honey: Nick’s 26 year old wife, she is frail and ‘slim-hipped’. Her and Nick were childhood sweethearts and, on the surface, all appears to be sweet and innocent in their marriage. Honey drowns her sorrows in brandy and becomes silly and childish when drunk. Acting age: 20-35.

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