Out of the Frying Pan – Improv Night

Physical Theatre Pic



Are you an experienced actor (aged 18+)? Do you fancy stretching your acting muscles by playing theatre sports just for the fun of being creative and daft with other daft creative people? We do! So…on the 19th of September….we invite you, fellow thespian, to join us at the Green Room Club, Lincoln for a night of improv games!

Ok, it’s not JUST for fun, we admit it, we have one or two ulterior motives –

We want to bring together all the best performers in Lincoln and get them used to playing and working with each other so that, whenever we’re planning a show, we have actors at our fingertips who are already brilliant at working together. Secondly Vambo Entertainment fancies starting up an improv troupe and this is the best way to do it!

And we truly believe we can achieve all this in one night?…

Nope! This is just the beginning, fine people. We intend to do this on a monthly basis henceforth and, perhaps, more often than that once we’re in full swing!

Vambo Entertainment are the instigators of this hair-brain scheme and will lead the shenanigans on the 19th. Along with Simon from
Art Isn’t Sexy we are inviting a handful of people to launch night but the event is also open to all experienced actors (aged 18+) who want to join the fun so please, please do let us know if you’re coming by ordering your ticket on Eventbrite.

If you have any questions about the event please email vamboentertainment@gmail.com or give Ashleigh a ring on 074 6089 2088 to talk about our plans for the evening rather than nabbing a ticket and then chickening out on the night!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no ticket fee but Green Room Club, Lincoln will ask for a small donation (£2) from anyone who is joining in the fun but not a member of the club.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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