It’s audition time for our 2020 Murder Mysteries and Anti-Panto!

Are you GAME?

Audition poster


October to December 2020



Think of a traditional Alice in Wonderland pantomime…
chop off Alice’s head…
scratch out all the bits that are suitable for children…
add a touch of the macabre…
slap in a few gruesome bits…
tickle your wicked sense of humour…
And put your game face on because you’re part of the show!

That’s just life in our version of Wonderland and our immersive, interactive show shook  The Blue Room, Lincoln  and The Birdcage, Lincoln when our Queen are her peons took the stage. Have a look at our gallery to see what fun we had!

Have a look at our fabulous flyer with our (we think!) rather funny poem on what to expect and admire our gorgeous Queen of Tarts in our (we think!) rather brilliant poster. 

APRIL 2016

Our outdoor theatre production Shakespeare’s ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ at the beginning of April 2016  to honour of the 400th anniversary of The Bard’s death was such a success that we were invited to do an encore at DUCTAC theatre in the Mall of the Emirates in June.

Our all male cast doubled up to play all the roles and they, literally, had audiences in stiches as they brought Shakespeare’s ridiculous farce to life.

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MARCH 2016

As the culmination of an 8 week actor-training program Vambo Entertainment was proud to present ‘Vital Signs’ by Jane Martin in March 2016 – the play is a series of 21 monologues that offer a sneak peak into the minds of a variety of marvellously eccentric women. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant the quirky characters (and the marvellous actresses playing them!) provided a delicate, atmospheric and unforgettable evening’s entertainment.

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Vambo Entertainment teamed up with the Dubai Drama Group to present ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ by Edward Albee in December 2015

Our hugely successful run on was described by Stef Burgon as “Brilliant!” and Zahra Soar from DubaiEye103.8 as “darkly funny, tightly produced and intense. Go watch it!” (you can hear the full podcast on The Ticket 10, 08.12.2015 and read more about what they thought of the show here).

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